Vilas County Wisconsin Government Services - Vilas County Departments

Vilas County Departments

Department  Department Head Phone Number
ADRC of Vilas County  Sue Richmond Phone: 715-479-3625
Child Support Agency  ---------------------- Phone: 715-479-3705
Clerk of Circuit Court  Beth Soltow Phone: 715-479-3632
Corporation Counsel  John Albert Phone: 715-479-3714
County Clerk  David Alleman Phone: 715-479-3600
District Attorney  Martha Milanowski Phone: 715-479-3614
Emergency Management  James Galloway Phone: 715-479-3690
Finance  Jason Hilger Phone: 715-479-3674
Forestry & Land Department  Al Murray Phone: 715-479-5160
Highway Department  Nick Scholtes Phone: 715-479-4641
Highway G Landfill ----------------------- Phone: 715-479-2938
Human Resources  Richard Kipley Phone: 715-479-3797
Information Technology  Mike Duening Phone: 715-479-3666
Juvenile Intake  ----------------------- Phone: 715-479-3668
Land/Water Conservation  Carolyn Scholl Phone: 715-479-3747
Mapping Department  Barb Gibson Phone: 715-479-3655
Medical Examiner  Crystal Schaub Phone: 715-369-6196
Parks & Recreation  Dale Mayo Phone: 715-479-5160
Public Health Department  Laurel Dreger Phone: 715-479-3656
Register in Probate  Dawn Halverson Phone: 715-479-3642
Register of Deeds  Christine Walker Phone: 715-479-3660
Sheriff's Department  Sheriff Joseph Fath Phone: 715-479-4441
Social Services  Kathryn Gardner Phone: 715-479-3668
Surveyor  Thomas A. Boettcher Phone: 715-479-3684
Tax Listing Department  Sherry Bierman Phone: 715-479-3696
Tourism & Publicity  Cindy Burzinski Phone: 715-479-3649
Treasurer  Jerri Radtke Phone: 715-479-3609
U.W. Family Living Agent  ----------------------- Phone: 
U.W. Nutrition Education  Karly Johnson Phone: 715-478-7793
U.W. Youth Development  ----------------------- Phone: 715.479-3749
University Extension  Main Office Phone: 715-479-3648
Veterans Service  Brian Thomas Phone: 715-479-3629
Victim Witness ----------------------- Phone: 715-479-3614
Zoning and Planning  Dawn Schmidt Phone: 715-479-3620