Vilas County Sheriff

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Eagle River, WI 54521
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Sheriff Joseph Fath





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The Vilas County Sheriff's Department Criminal Investigation Division consists of five detective sergeants who are supervised by the Chief Deputy. Detectives work major criminal investigations (felony level). All of the detectives are specially trained investigators who can handle general criminal investigations. There are several areas that individual detectives specialize in to provide the highest quality investigations possible.

Specialty areas include:

  • Arson
  • Computer Crimes
  • Burglary/Property Crimes
  • Death Investigations
  • Drug Enforcement
  • Fraud/Embezzlement
  • Sensitive Crimes (Sexual Assault/Child Abuse)
  • White Collar Crimes

  • Detectives normally work during the day, however adjust their schedules depending upon the investigation. Detectives maintain a take-home squad car, and typically respond to crimes after normal business hours. Depending upon the assignment investigators work 'under cover' or conceal their identities to gather evidence of crimes. Specialized investigative equipment is maintained by the detectives for proper documentation and collection of evidence.

    Detectives investigate major crime scenes, prepare and execute search warrants, collect evidence, interview witnesses, arrest suspects, and assist the District Attorney in preparing the case for court proceedings.

    The evidence storage room is maintained by the detectives. Some evidence is able to be processed on-site, while other evidence is prepped and sent to the crime lab.

    The Investigations Division's detectives are proud of their service to the community and are committed to enhancing the quality of life in Vilas County.