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Emergency Planning

The Vilas County Public Health Department works in collaboration with Vilas County Emergency Management and many community partners to plan and train in order to respond to a public health emergency such as:

  • Influenza pandemic (H1N1 Flu)
  • Disease outbreaks or emerging diseases (Zika Virus, Ebola)
  • Flood or water contamination.

Public health's roles and responsibilites include:

  • Detecting and investigating disease outbreaks to determine what the risks are to the public and who may have been exposed.
  • Informing the public and professionals of the specific disease threats and how to protect themselves and others.
  • Managing people who are ill.
  • Isolating or quarantining people who are ill.
  • Providing medications or vaccinations to people at risk in the population.

Are you Ready?


  1. Be Informed  - Find out what kind of disasters and public health emergencies are most likely to occur in your area and how you will receive information.  Learn more at
  2. Have a Plan - Protect yourself and loved ones by making an emergency plan that includes how you will contact one another and what steps you will take in different types of emergency situations.
  3. Build a Kit - A disaster supply kit is a collection of basic items that a family may need in the event of a disaste, this includes food and water.

Check out Do1Thing to help you start to plan today!

Safe and Well - Tips for Contacting Loved Ones

Be creative, and be persistent. If one contact method doesn’t work, try another. Don’t give up!

  • Call during off-peak hours for the best chance of getting through.
  • Send a text message, which may go through when phone calls cannot.
  • Check your loved one’s social media pages (i.e., Facebook, Twitter), as they may have already gone online to tell their story.
  • Send an email.
  • Call friends and relatives who may have already been in contact with your loved one.
  • Call people and places where your loved one is well-known: neighbors, employer, school, place of worship, senior center, social club, union, or fraternal organization.
  • Try sending a letter. Your loved one’s mail may be getting forwarded to his or her new location.

Disasters in this Area


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Interested in Being a Volunteer?

Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) is a web-based volunteer registration system that contains a comprehensive list of volunteers who are qualified to assist in large scale public health emergencies. Anyone is encouraged to register, however healthcare and behavioral health professionals are highly valued as they possess the skills and experience that are necessary and in demand during a disaster.

Signing up for WEAVR can be done online and only takes about 15 minutes. To learn more about WEAVR and how to become involved visit:

Mass Clinic2_HopePrescott

For more information on how to get ready for an emergency and general facts, check out the resources below: