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Trails & Recreational Opportunities

Vilas County provides numerous recreational and trail opportunities.


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The Vilas County Forest is open to the public for hunting, hiking, and berry-picking.  Camping and firewood gathering are by permit only, which may be obtained at the Vilas County Forestry Headquarters located at 2112 N. Railroad St., North, Eagle River.   

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DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD WITH YOU TO THE VILAS COUNTY FOREST. This promotes the spread of invasive species, especially non-native insects.  Firewood gathering permits are available at the County Forest Headquarters free of charge.

Tree stands and ground blinds for hunting are permitted; however, stands must be commercially available, factory manufactured portable stands or elevated platform for hunting purposes and may only be erected during the period from start of deer archery season through December 31st and for no more than eleven (11) consecutive days.  Climbing devices to access the portable stand or elevated platform shall be of the ladder type or steps which are attached to the tree with binding straps or chains.  Penetration of any part of the tree is strictly prohibited.  Each licensed hunter shall be limited to one portable tree stand or platform.  Portable tree stands and elevated platforms shall have the owner’s name, address, and phone number permanently attached to the climbing device at four (4) feet above ground level.  No screws, nails, spikes, or anything else that pierces the tree may be used.  Ground blinds other than commercially manufactured portable ground blinds may be constructed out of natural materials only. 

Use of motorized vehicles behind County Forest gates and earth berms is prohibited. 

Hunter/Hiking Trail maps, Forest Cover Type maps, and air photos are available at the County Forest Headquarters.