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Do you have a health or mental health condition that is limiting the quality of your life? Are you having a hard time working substantially enough to pay your bills because of that disabling condition? If so, the ADRC of Vilas County is here to help you find what resources could help you improve your quality of life.

Disability Benefit Specialist Program (DBS)
Provides benefits counseling for those between the ages of 17 years 6 months and 59 years with disabilities. A DBS can help determine benefits and programs to which you may be entitled. A DBS will provide referrals, assistance and support on other matters including disability rights and the impact of earnings on financial eligibility for public benefits.

A DBS can also help with:
Medicaid, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare, including Part D, Prescription Drug Assistance, FoodShare, Low-income Tax Credits, Insurance Issues, Housing and Utility Issues, and Veteran's Benefits. Elder Benefit Specialists (EBSs) assist with similar complex issues for those customers over the age of 60.

Aging and Disability Resource Specialist (ADRC Specialist)
ADRC Specialists provide information, assistance and referrals to older adults, people with disabilities, family members, and professionals in the Northwoods area. ADRC Specialists also complete assessments (Long Term Care Functional Screens) for older adults and adults with disabilities struggling with long-term care needs, which provides public-funding to keep them as independent as possible in the least restrictive environment outside a skilled nursing facility.

For information on programs, resources, or applying for services contact the ADRC of the Vilas County at 715-479-3625 or 1-800-374-3692

Youth in Transition (Age 17 1/2 years):
If you are a young adult with disabilities transitioning from the school system and/or children’s programs to adult programs, the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is here to help you and your family make that transition as smooth as possible. Many changes in disability services occur at the age of 18. When a student leaves school or graduates, that person’s entitlement to special education programs and related services ends. Therefore, services that are needed must be applied for and coordinated.

Click below to find out more information about Youth in Transition Resources.

Preparing For Life After High School

Living My Dream Brochure

Living My Dream Packet

ADRC Specialists and the Disability Benefit Specialists at the Aging & Disability Resource Center can assist and help you navigate through this very important transition.