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Vilas County Zoning & Planning is responsible for permitting and inspection private onsite wastewater treatment systems (POWTS) - commonly called septic systems - throughout Vilas County. For questions regarding septic sytems, please contact the sanitary department at (715) 479-3619 or the Deputy Zoning Administrator for your town.  Please click here for a list of Deputy Zoning Administrators. 

All POWTS installations, non-plumbing septic system installations, and reconnections require an inspection prior to covering. Mounds, at-grade, and sand fill systems require inspections of both the plowed layer prior to construction, and of the mechanical components before capping or covering. All inspections require 24 hours notice or they will be subject to a same day inspection fee of $105. Inspections must be called in to (715) 479-3619 or e-mailed to before 4:00 PM Central Time the day prior to installation. You must speak to a staff member or receive a response in order for your inspection to be assured.
Beginning January 1, 2020 Vilas County Zoning & Planning is no longer accepting EH 115 forms for any purpose.  Any repair, alteration, tank replacement, subdivision or condominium involving a POWTS utilizing an EH 115 form for installation will require a single soil boring.  EH 115 forms are also no longer accepted for new POWTS installations.  Contact our Sanitary Department at (715) 479-3619 for more information.
Diggers Hotline with Info
Don't forget to contact Digger's Hotline at least three (3) business days prior to any excavation.
Septic Tank 

Over 21,000 homes and businesses in Vilas County are served by septic systems.  Septic systems work by first separating liquids; solids; and fats, oils, and grease in a septic tank.  The liquid is then moved through a filter and moved by gravity or a pump to a leach bed where it is disbursed into the ground.  The leachbed material and native soils clean the liquid effluent before it is returned to the groundwater.  For more information on how septic systems work, contact the Vilas County Zoning & Planning Department at (715) 479-3619.

The Vilas County Land & Water Conservation Department has grant funding available for well abandonment.  Click here for more information

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