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Payment Options

The County Treasurer's Office is tasked with administering all property tax laws and the collection of property taxes, as well as annual tax settlement with each of the county's municipalities, school districts, Nicolet College, and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Current Year Payments

  • First Installment or Full payment DUE on or before January 31.
  • Payable to:  "Local Town Treasurer" - See your tax bill for correct mailing address.  Contact your local treasurer for payment location, options, and hours.  Municipality Website.
  • Timely Payment.  Wisconsin Statute 74.69  A payment is timely if it is mailed in a properly addressed envelope, postmarked before midnight of the last prescribed date for making the payment, with postage prepaid, and is received by the proper official not more than 5 days after the prescribed date for making the payment.  
  • Delinquent First Installment.  Wisconsin Statute 74.11(7)  If the first installment of taxes on real property or improvements on leased land is not paid on or before January 31, the entire amount of the taxes remaining unpaid is delinquent as of February 1, and interest is charged from that day until paid.
  • Failure to receive a tax bill.  Wisconsin Statute 74.09(6)  Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay the tax bill.  You are responsible to pay your property taxes in a timely manner, whether or not you have received your tax bill.
  • Personal Property tax bills are paid to the "Local Town Treasurer" year round.  Contact your local treasurer for payment location, options, and hours.  Municipality Website
  • Second installment and delinquent payments paid after January 31.
  • Payable to:  "Vilas County Treasurer"  
  • Mailing Address:  330 Court Street, Eagle River, WI  54521
  • Delinquent Second Installment.  Wisconsin Statute 74.11(8)  If the second installment of taxes on real property or improvements on leased land is not paid on or before July 31, the entire amount of the taxes remaining unpaid is delinquent as of August 1, and interest is charged from the previous February 1, until paid.    
  • Payment of Delinquent Taxes and Interest.  Wisconsin Statute 74.11(11)  All real property taxes, special charges and special taxes that become delinquent shall be paid, together with interest charged from the preceding February 1, to the  County Treasurer. 
  • Interest on Delinquent Amounts.  Wisconsin Statute 74.47(1)  The interest on delinquent general property taxes, special charges, special assessments and special taxes included in the tax roll for collection is one percent per month or fraction of a month.  
  • Delinquent tax payments are accepted year-round.  
Payment Options
Pay by Mail - see Current-Year Tax Payments, for information on where to mail your payment.

  • If you mail your payment near the end of the month, we recommend you walk it in to the Post Office and ask them to hand postmark your envelope to ensure that it has a current month's postmarked date.
  • When sending payments, please include exact computer/parcel number so the payment is applied correctly.    
  • If you require a receipt, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope; otherwise, receipts will not be mailed.  
  • If you choose to use a bank's BILL PAY option, be aware that these checks are typically mailed from out of state by third-party processors without a postmark.  Your confirmation information from your bank is not an acceptable proof of timely payment.  We must have an envelope with a U.S. postmark or a letter from the post office to prove the payment  was mailed by the due date and that a postal delay is responsible for the lateness of your payment per State Statute 74.69.
Pay in Person - Second Installment and Delinquent Payments, payable through the County only, may be made in person at the County Treasurer's Office.  See Current Year Tax Payments, for detail on where full or first installment payments are made to the municipality.  

Pay by Credit Card or Electronic Check 

  • This option is available below, for County-collected second installments or delinquent taxes only. 
  • The online payment service is not available December 1 through January 31.  First installment or full payments are made to the municipality.   
  • Delinquent Tax Payments during December and January, please contact the Vilas County Treasurer's Office for payment processing  
  • These service options are provided through Point and Pay, a third-party provider that will charge a convenience fee for this service.  Vilas County does not receive the convenience fee.  
  • After authorization of your payment, you will be given a confirmation number that you should keep for your records.  It may take up to 5 business days for Vilas County to receive your payment.  Payments are not valid until a Vilas County Treasurer receipt is issued.   


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Convenience Fee:

  • Credit or Debit Card  2.39%
  • Echeck  $1.50