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Real Property Listing

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Crista McCrum, Real Property Lister
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Heidi Kissner, Real Property Listing Assistant
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The Real Property Lister (RPL) is responsible for the duties set forth in Chapter 70.09 of the Wisconsin State Statutes and works with local municipalities, assessors, and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  In short, they:

  1. Prepare and maintain accurate ownership and description information for all parcels of real property in the county.
  2. Provide information on parcels of real property in the county for the use of taxation district assessors, city, village and town clerks and treasurers, county offices, and any other persons requiring that information.
  3. Serves as the coordinator between the county and the taxation districts in the county for assessment and taxation purposes.
  4. Provides computer services related to assessment and taxation for the assessors, clerks and treasurers of the taxation districts in the county.



YES!  The Real Property Lister provides the following services to the public:

  • Ownership and description information
  • Tabular ownership listings (data requests) by taxation district, municipality, or county-wide; subject to associated fees

NO!  The Real Property Lister does not provide the following services to the public:

  • Advice - including how to resolve ownership disputes, correct deeds/surveys, etc.
  • Interpretations - including tracing deeds, performing calculations, engaging in land surveying, interpretation of documents or owner rights, etc.
  • Opinions - including personal thoughts on a domestic or legal issue

If you feel an error has been made regarding your property for taxation purposes, please feel free to present the specific issue and evidence to the Real Property Lister.  Some issues may require professional assistance to resolve, which may include services provided by title companies, surveyors or attorneys.

Property Assessment

An assessor determines the value of a property for taxation purposes.  Provided here is a list of local assessors and the municipalities they service:

Arbor Vitae Bowmar Appraisals (920) 733-5369  |  Email
Boulder Junction Paul Carlson (715) 686-7738  |  Email
Cloverland Hoffman Appraisals (715) 536-6236  |  Email
Conover Bowmar Appraisals (920) 733-5369  |  Email
Eagle River Associate Appraisals (920) 422-5627  |  Email
Lac du Flambeau Paul Carlson (715) 686-7738  |  Email
Land O' Lakes Bowmar Appraisals (920) 733-5369  |  Email
Lincoln Peterson Appraisals (715) 369-2952  |  Email
Manitowish Waters Paul Carlson (715) 686-7738  |  Email
Phelps Hoffman Appraisals (715) 536-6236  |  Email
Plum Lake Appraisal Services (888) 820-6862  |  Email
Presque Isle Paul Carlson (715) 686-7738  |  Email
St. Germain Paul Carlson (715) 686-7738  |  Email
Washington Hoffman Appraisals (715) 536-6236  |  Email
Winchester Paul Carlson (715) 686-7738  |  Email