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330 Court Street Eagle River Wisconsin 54521

Vilas County Courthouse Security Information

Beginning Monday, March 19, 2018, Vilas County Government is implementing a more comprehensive security policy. Beginning today, the main Courthouse entry, located curbside on Court Street, becomes the only Public ENTRY and EXIT point for all members of the public visiting the Courthouse and the Circuit Court.

All other Courthouse ENTRY points are closed to public use. All existing EXITS will be maintained for EMERGENCY USE ONLY by the public and staff alike.
You will no longer be able to enter the Justice Center – Sheriff’s Department – Jail from withinthe Courthouse. You must enter the Sheriff’s Department and Jail at the Justice Center single public entry, behind the west end of the Courthouse, facing the river and Birch Street. Parking is available at the west front lot of the Courthouse and also directly in front of that entry.

Incidents of violence in rural Courtrooms and Courthouses are increasing. Vilas County Government desires to be proactive and has implemented this security policy to better protect you, the public and all County staff while visiting and working in the Court and the Courthouse.

Over the next several days, you will notice a uniformed security guard stationed at the single Public ENTRY and EXIT point. A weapons search procedure will be conducted at this location. Please be mindful of that and allow yourself a little extra time when visiting the Courthouse. You will no longer be able to bring certain items into the building that you may be used to carrying on your person, such as pocket knives, etc.

Prohibited Items

Please leave all such items at home or in your vehicle

1. Legal firearms, including pellet and BB guns
2. Facsimile weapons
3. Martial arts weapons
4. Batons
5. Brass knuckles
6. Alcohol
7. Gun case or holder (empty)
8. Ammunition
9. Explosives
10. Legal knives or edged instruments
11. Stun guns
12. Chemical mace
13. Razor blades
14. Heavy metal items such as locks, chains, handcuffs, large keys
15. Live animals other than authorized service animals
16. Combustible gases or flammable liquids
17. Any item which could be construed as a potential weapon by screening personnel
18. Any item deemed a security threat
19. Items such as bicycles and skateboards which are deemed a nuisance will not be permitted in the courthouse

The Sheriff’s Office and/or screening personnel shall not either store or voucher any items to be reclaimed later.

Vilas County Government is aware that these security procedures represent a significant change in County policy and practice, affecting all individuals entering the Courthouse facility. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.

Vilas County desires to provide all visitors and staff with a safe and secure Court and Courthouse facility.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, you may call Vilas County at 715-479-3600 Or You may email the Vilas County Board via the County Clerk’s office at