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Date:  Wednesday December 12, 2012 (12/12/12)

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Vilas County Public Health Committee Rules and Members

Contact the County Clerks office for an official copy of the Standing Rules.

Chairperson James Behling
Vice Chairperson Alden Bauman
  Ron DeBruyne
  Mary Platner
  Linda Thorpe
  Dr. Terrance Moe
  Dr. Daniel Paretsky, DVM
  Colleen Gorilla
  Dawn Gapko
  Randy Samuelson


  1. It shall consist of nine members, five of which must be County Board Supervisors, and four of which must be persons who are not elected officials and not employed by Vilas County and who have a demonstrated interest or competence in the field of public health or community health, and, when possible, are residents of Vilas County. The Public Health Board will invite up to 2 Lac du Flambeau Tribal Council representatives appointed by the Tribal Council to be non-voting advisory members of the Public Health Board.
  2. The County Board Chairperson shall appoint members of this board, subject to the approval of the County Board, and when appointing members who are not elected officials or employees, must make a good faith effort to appoint a registered nurse and a physician. The citizen appointments will be for a 2 year term and the County Board Chair may reappoint citizen members to subsequent terms.
  3. It shall meet at least quarterly.
  4. Only County Board Supervisors who are members of this board may approve this board's expenditure vouchers and give preliminary consideration to specific personnel problems in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(f).
  5. It shall appoint and supervise the local health department and assure the enforcement of state public health statutes and the public health rules of the department as prescribed by law for a Level One local health department. At a minimum, a Level One department shall provide surveillance, investigation, control and prevention of communicable diseases, other disease prevention, health promotion and human health hazard control.
  6. It shall assess public health needs and advocate for the provision of reasonable and necessary public health services.
  7. It shall develop policy and provide leadership that fosters local involvement and commitment, that emphasizes public health needs, and that advocates for equitable distribution of public health resources and complementary private activities commensurate with public health needs.
  8. It shall assure that measures are taken to provide an environment in which individuals can be healthy.
  9. It shall employ qualified public health professionals, including a public health nurse to conduct general public health nursing programs under the direction of this committee.
  10. It shall be responsible for abatement or removal of human health hazards as provided under 254.01 and 254.59, Wisconsin Statutes.
  11. It shall assure that the county will provide the supplemental food, nutrition, education and other services authorized under 253.06, Wisconsin Statutes, and shall establish or designate an agency to administer that provision. This is in regards to State supplemental food program for women, infants and children.
  12. It shall supervise the administration of the Animal Shelter and shall contract with a qualified person to operate the same.
  13. The County Nurse shall be a representative regarding public health concerns on the Local Emergency Planning Committee.