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Date:  Friday December 07, 2012 (12/07/12)

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Vilas County Land, Air and Water Conservation (LAWCC) Rules and Members

Contact the County Clerks office for an official copy of the Standing Rules.

Chairperson Ralph Sitzberger
Vice Chairperson Gene Ciszek
  Dennis Nielsen
  Erv Teichmiller
  Mary Platner


  1. It shall serve as the County Land Conservation Committee pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 92, Wisconsin Statutes.
  2. Its Committee membership shall also consist of the Chairperson of the Farm Service Agency Committee (FSA) or its designated representative. The County Board may appoint to the Land, Air and Water Conservation Committee up to two (2) citizen members. Non voting membership includes representatives of UWEX, FSA, DNR, NRCS, as designated by Memorandums of Understanding.
  3. It shall establish a cooperative working relationship with local, state, tribal, and federal agencies with natural resource responsibilities for the purpose of coordinating a soil and water conservation program within the county.
  4. It shall establish soil and water conservation standards and develop and implement the required County Land and Water Plan.
  5. It shall distribute and allocate federal, state and county funds made available to the committee for programs.
  6. It shall encourage research, educational, informational and public service programs and assist the University of Wisconsin system in implementing educational programs within the county.
  7. It shall nominate a member of the Land, Air and Water Conservation Committee or another county board member to serve on each Lake District Board of Commissioners. The County Board shall make the appointments.
  8. It shall have Lake District Hearings regarding creation of a new lake district. If a petition is addressed to the County Board and is filed with the County Clerk for the creation of a Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, the petition shall be immediately referred to this committee by the County Clerk for presentation. Upon presentation of the petition to the committee, the committee shall conduct a public hearing within 30 days pursuant to 33.26, Wisconsin Statutes. Following the hearing, the committee shall report to the County Board and the Board shall act on the matter pursuant to the provisions of 33.26(3), Wisconsin Statutes. (Cr. #63 89).
  9. It shall represent the County through various resource organizations including the North Central Land Conservation Association, the Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association, the National Association of Conservation Districts, and the Lumberjack Resource Conservation and Development Council.
  10. It shall oversee the administration of the Farmland Preservation Program and Wildlife Damage Program within the County.
  11. Land, Air and Water Conservation staff will report to this committee.