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Date:  Wednesday December 12, 2012 (12/12/12)

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Vilas County Finance & Budget Rules and Members

Contact the County Clerks office for an official copy of the Standing Rules.

Chairperson Chris Mayer
Vice Chairperson Ed Bluthardt
  Charles Rayala
  Linda Thorpe
  Jim Behling


  1. It shall be the duty of this committee to draft or have submitted to it, all resolutions for non budgeted expenditures of money and make recommendations thereon to the Board.
  2. The County Board delegates to this committee pursuant to 66.0603, Wisconsin Statutes, the authority to temporarily invest any unused county funds and to arrange for the safekeeping, sale, reinvestment or redemption of securities as they may deem proper.
  3. Except for the Public Property Committee, all committees shall prepare preliminary budgets and turn them in to the County Clerk before October 10th of each year. The deadline for the Public Property Committee shall be as set each year by the Finance and Budget Committee. For budgets not turned in by October 10th, the Finance committee will set up a proposed budget for the next year.
  4. It shall meet monthly to audit bills filed with the County Clerk and recommend their payment or disallowance, provided the bill does not exceed monetary limitations established elsewhere in these rules.
  5. Unless directed otherwise by specific County Board Resolution, it may transfer funds between budgeted items of an individual county office or department, but only if such budgeted items have been separately appropriated, and only if first approved by the appropriate committee and submitted in writing by that committee's chairperson.
  6. It shall act upon and verify all demands for the Cancellation of Illegal Tax Certificates and Deeds and related matters and then submit their actions to the County Board for approval.
  7. It shall act upon such other matters as may be referred to it by the County Board.
  8. It shall check the sufficiency of the sureties of all bonds of County officials and employees as set forth in 59.21(2), Wisconsin Statutes, and report to the County Board their action thereon on a yearly basis.
  9. It shall generally supervise all financial matters of the County for the purposes of keeping expenditures under control and within the budget adopted by the County Board.
  10. It shall be the supervisory and oversight committee for the Clerk of Court, Coroner, County Clerk, District Attorney, Register of Deeds, Surveyor, and Treasurers Offices.