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Highway Department





Office Phone: 715-479-4641

Shop Phone: 715-479-8969

Fax: 715-479-9162



Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 1568
2104 N. Railroad St.
Eagle River, WI. 54521


We are now on our summer hours which are Monday - Thursday 6:00 am - 4:00 pm

Highway Commissioner: Nick Scholtes

The primary purpose of the Vilas County Highway Department is to maintain 200 miles of County highways and 295 lane miles of State highways year round with some road maintenance also being performed for various townships.

The Vilas County Highway Department is located in three different locations. The main shop and office are located in Eagle River with two satellite shops in Arbor Vitae and Boulder  Junction 




Week of 5-11-2020

There is no road work scheduled for this week.  There is a slight chance of doing some exploratory excavation of a small spot on the north side of CTH B by Dairy Maid to assess for repairs.  Traffic would be down to one lane with traffic control in place.


It is anticipated that the Mill Creek culvert will be replaced the week of May 18, 2020.  This will result in the need to close CTH B for approximately 1 week. Road will be closed at Cemetary Rd. for westbound traffic and Landing Lake Rd for eastbount traffic. A detour will be put in place utilizing USH 45, CTH K and CTH S. 

  Milling of the asphalt from USH 45 to Little Portage Lake Road will begin on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

We apologize for any inconvenience that occurs due to the road construction project and thank you for your patience.

Nick Scholtes, Commissioner




Link: Driveway Permit and Requirements - Vilas County requires a permit for any new driveway access on all county trunk roads. This permit should be completed and approved before any work has begun. If a culvert is needed, it will be at the owner's expense. Please submit a completed application using the address above or fax or email as instructed above.

Link: Utility Permit

Link: Permit To Work on Highway Right-Of Ways - Vilas County requires a permit for work performed within the highway right- of- way limits of a county trunk. A permit should be completed and returned to the Highway Department for approval before any work is begun.

Link: Overwieght Permit - 

Link: Adopt – A – Highway Permit - In 1991 Vilas County implemented an Adopt-A-Hwy program for keeping our roadsides clean. This program is limited to not only organizations but individuals and families are welcomed as well. Vilas County will furnish safety signs, vests, garbage bags, a video detailing safety procedures, and signs recognizing you or your group. It is asked that an adopted section of a road be cleaned up a minimum of three times per year. An application form is available for you to complete, however it is strongly recommended that you contact this office first to see what sections of roads are available.

Link: Mail Box Placement - There is no permit required to install a mailbox however a recommended installation guide is available for your use. Also, we strongly encourage that Diggers Hotline (811) is contacted before any installation begins.



Road limits will be removed on Thursday April 30th at 12:00 pm.  


State Highways will be plowed, salted or sanded as the DOT requires. In cases where the Vilas County Highway Commissioner or the Patrol Superintendent deems it necessary, they will override this policy. The Vilas County Sheriff's Department will contact the Highway Department when they find unsafe conditions on the road.

County Trunk Highways shall be considered "snow packed and slippery" during the winter season. Only hills, curves and major intersections will be sanded. Roads will be plowed and sanded as needed, Monday through Friday. Weekends and holidays - roads will be plowed and sanded only if there is at least 2 inches or more of snow. It is up to the Highway Commissioner (or supervisors that are designated) to use their judgement on when to plow and when to use sand or salt.

Mailboxes that are physically HIT by a plow or wing will be repaired or replaced by the Highway Department. Snow damage or non-standard mailboxes will not be repaired or replaced.


Nick Scholtes, Highway Commissioner